Pilgrimage Shrines in Central Europe c. 1500 (I): By Region, Interactive Map


The Interactive Map shows the 1035 shrines set against the background of a topographic map of Central Europe. The 17 regions have again been included, and the shrines are not color coded but all given in one color. If you move with the mouse to a shrine-symbol, its name is displayed on the screen. To facilitate finding the location of a shrine directly on the map, you can zoom the map by clicking the Plus or Minus signs at the lower left an then moving the map on the screen with the mouse. If one clicks on a dot representing a shrine, the tabular data assigned to it by Rothkrug is displayed: its location (and thus its "name"), the region, the type of celestial patron worshiped, the earliest and latest date observed, and a specification on the shrine itself like "Piece of Christ" or a specific location within a city like "Neues Spital". This type of additional information is only occasionally supplied by Rothkrug, however. By having used a topographical base map, further information on the location of the shrines like mountainous or lowland areas, near a river, etc. is provided visually. The Legend provides details on the topography.

Instead of navigating through the map by hand and clicking on the dots by mouse, a shrine can be selected by using the List of Location which can be accessed on the lower left of the map. Clicking on a place name in this list will "fly" you directly to the selected shrine and the pertaining data will be shown at an instant.

Once selected, you can print out this information, and you can save information on several shrines on a pin board and print it out collectively. The latter is particularly useful for locations like Bamberg or Nürnberg where there are several shrines which in the map had to be placed aside of each other on a virtual line. (A. Kunz)


Interactive Map


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